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For over 50 years, Lynch Material Handling has partnered with industry leading customers and provided our expertise to solve their biggest concerns in lifting, moving, storing, and securing their most important resources.


Material handling is more than just off-the-shelf equipment.  Whether your facility is 1,000 or 500,000 square feet, we provide expertise and solutions to fine-tune your organization.

We’re here to be your single-source contact for collecting specifications, comparing options, presenting competitive pricing, and providing turn-key solutions to your operational needs. 


Contact us any time with your questions or to arrange a free site visit and efficiency evaluation.



Lynch Material Handling is highly experienced in obtaining permits throughout the United States.  The required process takes a full understanding of high seismic zone areas, OSHA standards, life safety analysis, local municipalities and more.

The dedicated solutions team at LMH can help you navigate this often-overlooked component of a successful material handling integration.



We specialize in installations of even the most complex materials handling systems. Whether your application calls for the installation of a modular storage system or a completely integrated solution of several equipment components such as pallet racking, vertical lift modules, modular offices, wire partitions, and conveyor systems, we can get the job done. 



We integrate onsite facility reviews that enable our space planning engineers to generate complete AutoCAD layouts of your facility and newly proposed equipment. Both 2-D and 3-D layouts let you analyze and review your project ROI with improved ergonomics, workflow, and capacities. With accurate AutoCAD analysis, you can revise every aspect of your project and become completely confident in the solution we are offering. We can work with you at any stage, creating an entire material handling system from scratch or working on just one aspect of your warehouse operations.

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