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Move product swiftly and safely through your assembly process

The more efficiently you move product through your manufacturing or assembly process, the sooner you’ll get it into customers’ hands. Time is definitely money in an assembly line and you want to cut as much time as possible from your process.

Lynch Material Handling has everything you need to create a streamlined, safe, and sturdy process. But, more important than that, each time you select product through LMH, you gain our planning and design expertise acquired over decades of serving clients like you. That’s the difference that has made LMH the leader in its field.



Pushback rack uses a pair of inclined rails and a series of nesting carts which ride on these rails. As pallets are unloaded, the nesting carts move another pallet to the front of the rack. This pallet storage method allows for both higher storage density and easier replenishment when compared to traditional pallet rack implementations.


We offer a full assortment of high-quality Titan and QC Industries conveyors specially designed for use in clean room applications found in medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and semiconductor assembly operations. Quiet, safe, and clean food-safe conveyors for bakeries, seafood, dairy, and other such environments are also available.


A proper implementation of carton flow rack can boost space utilization, organization, and pick speed. We partner with UNEX to create highly efficient carton flow systems for clients looking to better utilize the space in their facility. UNEX's flagship SpanTrack system can fit in a new or existing pallet rack configuration with a custom configuration designed by our team. 


If your warehouse requires hoists, cranes, or lifts to move product and manage inventory, you can count on LMH and our partnership with SPANCO and Jet Hoists for proven solutions. Call us today to discuss how we can help improve the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of your assembly or warehouse.

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