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Maximize Storage Capacity; Increase Efficiency

Pallet Rack Options

Below is a quick overview of the pallet rack options we offer. We can explain each option in greater detail when you request a quote.  

Teardrop Pallet Racks

Most popular


Compatible with most teardrop-style beam connectors, these racks offer a secure and adjustable option for storing pallets

Structural Pallet Racks

Ideal for extremely heavy loads or high seismic activity areas


Made from hot-rolled structural steel, these racks offer the highest level of durability and strength.

Pushback Pallet Racks

Ideal for dense storage configurations


Utilizing a series of nested carts that move along a rail, this option can double or triple your storage capacity. The nesting carts are designed to hold pallets 2 to 6 deep. As you add or remove pallets, the carts move back and forth to create more space for storage.

Pallet Flow Racking Systems

Ideal for high-volume storage

Utilizing gravity, pallets flow down a skate wheel or roller bed to allow easy and efficient access to your products. This system also reduces the need for manual labor and increases productivity. The scalable system accommodates a variety of pallet sizes and weights, making it the perfect solution for many industries to condense products into a highly-efficient, cubed space.

Drive In/Drive-Thru Racks

Ideal for products with a short shelf life or those that are perishable with high turn rates

This highly efficient storage solution allows you to maximize your storage space by utilizing a “drive-in” system. Using a single entry point, you can store products on a first-in, first-out (FIFO) or first-in, last-out (FILO) basis. With a tightly cubed pallet rack system and integrated rails to create individual storage lanes, you can reduce necessary access aisles.

Pallet Rack Accessories

We also offer a variety of accessories to enhance the safety and functionality of your pallet racks including:

  • Wire decks

  • Row spacers

  • Column protectors


Ready to organize and optimize your storage space to support your business? Contact our team of experienced professionals to identify the perfect pallet rack solution for your specific needs and budget.



Your warehouse/storage facility contains the inventory to support your business and make your customers happy. In order to provide the very best customer experience, you need the ability to:

  • Store as much inventory as possible in the space you have

  • Access your inventory quickly and safely


Pallet racks are the best way to organize your inventory and keep your business running smoothly. At Lynch Material Handling, our team can identify the right pallet rack solution to maximize your storage capacity and increase efficiency. Share your storage frustrations with us so we can make your life easier. Solving storage problems: it’s what we do every day!  


We have a large inventory of pallet racks in stock in Colorado today!

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