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What is the right solution for your critical infrastructure space?

Security Partitions & Collocation Cages

The days of chain link fence are over. As the terms hyper-scale and multi-cloud become more common place in our daily lives, companies in charge of securing the worlds data are demanding more robust critical space offerings. Customers are no longer accepting a simple 8' fence. Air flow, visibility, modularity, customization, lead times and physical opening spaces are driving requirements for successful implementations.

High bay data centers and ever-changing air flow technologies are allowing customers to tighten their physical mesh spec requirements or even utilize solid wall systems for visual privacy. WireCrafters and X-WaveTech are leading the industry in small mesh, louvered panel and solid panel offerings.


WireCrafters delivers extremely fast to market solutions with their available quick ship offering. A 2"x1", 10GA woven wire panel system that provides adjustable panels and available field modifications for modular, always changing environments. For financial, credit, and personal information security customers, a much tighter 1/2"x1/2", 12GA or even 16GA solid panel system is regularly designed and provided with very competitive lead times.


X-WaveTech has worked hand in hand with Fortune 100 companies to develop custom critical cage spaces that integrate louvered panel air flow, solid panel security and H-Frame support structures to mount cable management and cold aisle containment fixtures. Product lead times vary for up front manufacturing, but installation times can be greatly reduced through numerous trade integrations into the single critical space structure.

Experts in Security Solutions

As data requirements grow and unique demands for critical cage spaces are evolving, flexibility in the field will be key. Any solution you choose, you will need an expert installation team with the experience and proven capabilities to deliver your solution to market as quickly as possible. Field measurements, correctly identifying scope requirements and skilled installation labor with fabrication capabilities are imperative. From ceiling obstructions above to sub-floor perimeters inundated with existing fiber, water and conduit, if your team is unskilled and unprepared, your critical space project will be delayed. Delays often mean missed SLA's and incurred penalties. Understanding your cage options and requirements up front are crucial to your project success. Speak with an expert from Lynch Material Handling on your upcoming project and put your critical security space in the hands of an expert.

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