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What is a Server Cage?

The term server cage refers to data center security. A server cage is a metal, mesh-wall structure that is placed around the physical server hardware that you rely on to run your business. Your server most likely contains sensitive and proprietary information such as customer data, financial data, intellectual property, backups and more, so it is imperative that this information remains highly secure at all times.

Most server cages are modular so they can be customized to protect the unique size and shape of your server. They incorporate locks including options for keypads, finger print scanners, badge readers and more. The mesh design allows for proper ventilation and air flow to keep your system running properly without sacrificing security. If necessary, privacy panels can be installed in extra sensitive areas.

Many companies today are incorporating green data centers which rely on renewable energy sources, efficient power usage and carbon offsets. In these cases, the server cage must be designed to handle the power demands of cold aisle containment.

At Lynch Material Handling in Broomfield, Colorado, we help businesses incorporate server cages that provide protection, visibility and security. For years we have trusted WireCrafter cage solutions as our provider because they are cost-effective, customizable and, most importantly, reliable. Our experienced team can visit your space to analyze your server environment, discuss your requirements and recommend the right type of server cage to provide maximum security.

Options for Server Cages

  • Wide range of panel sizes that can be configured to fully surround your server

  • Several options for doors: hinged, sliding, vertical rise, etc.

  • Panels with mesh, metal, beveled cut-outs or clear polycarbonate

  • H-frame support structures

  • Support for high power density

  • Cooling capacity

  • Heavy duty options

  • Space-saving options

Leave the Installation to Us

Even though WireCrafters server cages are shipped in the exact size needed for your environment, it’s recommended that you allow our expert team to install the system according to the precise measurements and plans that were discussed in advance. We know the potential pitfalls that can occur if the cage isn’t properly installed and secured.

To learn more about our server cages in Colorado, contact us at 303-466-2317 or click here to schedule a free consultation and receive a quote.

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