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What are the Racks Called in Warehouses?

Warehouses typically use pallet racks to store inventory. Pallet racks come in many different sizes, configurations and inventory access options to meet the unique needs of your business. When you are considering what type of pallet rack to install in your warehouse, it’s beneficial to assess your current storage needs and also anticipate how your needs might change in the future. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Is your current warehouse overflowing with inventory?

  • Can your staff move freely and safely among your products?

  • Do you anticipate major growth for your business in the near future?

  • What challenges does your staff face on a daily basis in regard to storing and accessing inventory?

  • Do you need to downsize your warehouse due to budgetary constraints?

  • Is your business suffering due to slow response time for customer orders?

Amazingly, pallet racks can solve many of the issues listed above because they are so versatile and customizable.

  • Need to open up more floor space? Pallet racks are designed to utilize as much vertical space in your warehouse as possible while maintaining safety standards.

  • Need to store heavy loads? Pallet racks can be crafted from hot-rolled structural steel for maximum durability and strength.

  • Need to consolidate large amounts of inventory? Your storage capacity can be doubled or tripled by using pallet racks in a series of nested carts that move along a rail. There are also flow racking systems that utilize gravity to allow easy access to high-volume inventory using skate wheels or roller beds, thus reducing reliance upon manual labor.

  • Need to quickly and easily access inventory with a short shelf-life? Items such as perishable goods can be stored on a first-in, first-out (FIFO) or first-in, last-out (FILO) basis.

There is a lot of consideration and planning that goes into selecting and installing the proper type of pallet rack for any business. It’s not a matter of just placing some shelves in a building and starting to load them with products. They must be securely mounted and anchored, have adequate aisle widths between them, utilize the proper accessories to ensure protection and more. The configuration of pallet racks also needs to support your business goals.

Once installed, the condition of pallet racks should be assessed on a regular basis to look for signs of rust, physical damage, missing parts, leaning, etc. It’s not advisable to repair pallet racks without first consulting a certified welder and/or an engineer to ensure any modifications are in compliance. You certainly don’t want any of your staff being injured on the job due to shoddy repair work.

At Lynch Material Handling in Broomfield, Colorado, we’re ready to listen to your warehouse challenges, take all of your business details into consideration and help you design a pallet rack solution to increase efficiency, maximize storage and keep your staff safe. With over 50 years in the business, we know a thing or two about pallet rack systems!

We also carry many different sizes of pallet racks in stock at our Broomfield, Colorado location. To learn more about our pallet racks in Colorado and check our current inventory, contact us at 303-466-2317 or click here to schedule a free consultation and receive a quote.

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