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Vertical Lift Module

Vertical lift modules in a facility
Modula Vertical Lift Module

What is a Vertical Lift Module?

A vertical lift module, colloquially referred to as a VLM, is a sophisticated automated storage and retrieval technology created to improve picking efficiency, inventory management, and space utilization. Much like a vending machine, vertical lift modules can both store and automatically dispense inventory. Vertical lift modules use series of automatically rotating trays to store and retrieve inventory. Operators may retrieve needed items through inputting simple commands in the module’s attached terminal. Upon receiving a command, the vertical lift module internally rotates its trays to the correct position, extends the tray outwards towards the operator, and designates the requested item using a visual aide.

Decrease Your Dependency on Warehouse Space

A VLM consolidates several aisles of traditional rack or shelving into a single efficient module. By automating inventory retrieval, space previously used for picking is completely recovered. When combined with optimized tray height and high ceilings, a vertical lift module can recover up to 90% of the space previously used by your existing storage solution. With industrial real estate prices increasing at an unprecedented rate, a VLM will alleviate the burden that inventory storage places on your space requirements. Here a Lynch Material Handling, we've even seen companies consolidate multiple facilities into a single location by using an array of VLMs to house the entirety of their inventory!

Increasing Efficiency to Improve Speed and Accuracy

Modula's line of vertical lift modules come equipped with visual aids for picking to indicate which item was requested at the input terminal. This innovation has allowed our clients to increase their pick accuracy, saving both time and money. Modula's options for visual aids include an automatic laser pointer, an alphanumeric led bar, and put-to-light. Check out the video below for more information!

How Much Does a Vertical Lift Module Cost?

Vertical lift modules are configured to the specifications of the workflow, inventory, and facility that they are installed in. This results in a wide price discrepancy when comparing prices between applications. As authorized distributors of Modula products, the sales team at Lynch Material Handling can help you configure and price a vertical lift module for your specific application. Lynch Material Handling is a national, full-service material handling solutions provider with fifty years of experience in industrial storage solutions. We offer a no-obligation, free quote for vertical lift modules, conveyor systems, traditional storage equipment, and much more. To get a free quote, click the button below! A member of our sales team will reach out with a few questions about your business within one business day. This information allows us to give you accurate pricing figures based on your application. We look forward to hearing from you!

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