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Physical Protection for Your Data Center

Data center security continues to evolve. The protection of this sensitive information is not only critical for sensitive customer data but also your financial information, proprietary intellectual property and much more.

At Lynch Material Handling, we provide physical cage structures to protect your critical space environment. Each fully customizable cage can be designed to allow for proper air flow, visibility, modularity, privacy, physical opening spaces, etc. If your company utilizes a green data center (using renewable energy sources, efficient power usage and carbon offsets), our solutions can handle the power demands of cold aisle containment.

Cage Features

When we understand the scope of your requirements, we can recommend the best features to meet your demands:

  • Specialty doors and locks

  • Beveled cut-outs

  • Louvered, small mesh or solid panels

  • Woven wire designs

  • H-frame support structures

  • Support for high power density

  • Cooling capacity

  • Standard or custom sizes

  • Heavy-duty options available

Information-gathering is key to the streamlined installation of your cage. Our team will take precise field measurements, identify obstructions and take into consideration potential impediments that could delay installation. All of this preparation helps us deliver your solution to market as quickly as possible.

To learn more about our data center cages, contact us at 303-466-2317 or click here to schedule a free consultation and receive a quote.

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