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Pallet Rack Failure (and How Our Team Saved the Day)

Don’t let this happen to your company: a Colorado manufacturer recently had a pallet rack collapse in their warehouse due to overloading. Thankfully, nobody was hurt, but this is a serious situation that is a reminder that all racking systems are not the same. Likewise, not all pallet rack distributors are the same. When it comes to selecting safe storage racks for your inventory, it’s important to choose a company that has extensive experience in the industry so they can guide you on best practices. In this particular case, our team was called in to assess the damage, identify the root cause of the problem, install a heavy-duty pallet rack system and help the company fully understand the limitations of the system. While our company did NOT build or install the damaged pallet rack system for this client initially, we were very thankful that we had the opportunity to get the job done right so they could operate their business with confidence.

Remember: Damaged pallet racks are the leading cause of racking failure, followed by overloading the racking beyond its capacity limitations. Contact our team today at 303-466-2317 to schedule an inspection of your racking system to keep your people and products safe!

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